Friday, January 8, 2010

Jesus-Perfect Example of a Good Bottom

There has always been a big divide between the so called 'Religious community' and those they consider us to be 'sinners'. I'm sure because of this I will get some flack for this blog, even from those who consider themselves liberal minded. When it comes to BDSM, many have no idea who we are or how we truly live.
As a submissive in the Leather/BDSM/ Kink community, it is clear to me that Jesus was a perfect example of obedience to a Daddy/Dominant/Master. Jesus accepted his calling in life as one who was meant to serve and did so with no question and very little resistance.

In a short story written by Phoenix Flora for the book Some Women, she writes:

The crucifixion. "What better example is there of how to be a good little boy for your daddy than our very own Jesus of Nazareth. The details could fill a thousand fantasies.

The soldiers-UNIFORMS- blindfolded him and tied him up. They dressed him in drag. Then they stripped him of his clothes in front of a multitude of people. Then...then those big hunky soldiers beat the daylights out of him. Blood dripping down his body...Crack! Every Easter we are reminded of his masochism. We celebrate it. But we mustn't forget his humiliation amidst all this delicious pain. Oh no. The people gathered and laughed at him, called him names. They spat on him, made him grovel on the ground. He submitted to all of these things, not arguing with any of them, just to please his daddy. Yes, that's right, just to please his daddy. Teach me to be like you, Jesus. We should all be such good bottoms."

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