Friday, May 21, 2010


With all that we have been through, you are still in my heart. All I can think about is being with you the way I see us in my dreams-two people enjoying each other and our daily lives. I believe that if we both think honestly about present and our future, we will see that we belong together and inspite of all that we have put each other through, we will be fine. Our lives have become intertwined with one another in a very short time. We both know how to push the buttons, whether correct or not, that get one another to react both postively and negatively. We fit like a glove and yet neither of us seem to want to admit it. Why can't we be like the other couples I've read about in our community? Why can't you allow me the Daddy I am and love me anyway? Why can't you trust that I always have your best interest in heart? Do you not see and feel the love have for you? Why does it seem like it is so easy for you to let it go, though I have and heard you cry about again and again? You are close to me and yet you seeem so far away.

We want to be together, yet we keeping pulling each other a part. When will stop being so destruct both to our and one another and just one another as we are? I continue to look forward to that day.