Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What an Exciting Time

Yeah Yeah, it's been a looooong time since I have written anything, but what a great time occasion to start back.

This past weekend I attended SECC(Southern Conference of Clubs)for the first time. It was on this very same occasion I was privileged to become an official member of Mama's Family. Mama's Family is a ever growing bunch of individuals within the leather community, who believe in promoting health, safe and fun services and play throughout the US and the World.

There was a great Leather contest with some HOTT guys, with a winner that will blow away the minds of many. If you get a chance to attend IML, you will see him there. The 2nd place winner, some Latino heat, will go on to compete at ABW, in October. There were clubs from all over the East Coast present. Old Guard and New, all together having a fantastic time. I got the opportunity to hangout with some of the family and they took such good care of me and allowed me to just be me.

I cannot believe all the history and knowledge I now have at the tip of my fingers. I have so many people I can turn to with questions, its mind blowing.

SECC is one big party, so trust yours truly did get his drink on. Amazing enough, my body held up really really well. Well, until they unofficially brought me into the family with that Jaeger shot. OMG, who invented that stuff? LMAO!!! That is some serious drink. I thought we were taking Mama to her room and all of a sudden we were heading to another room, where a boy was having his pretty ass beat. When we came in Sir Bruce headed for the bottle and poured everyone a drink. Well needless to say that was the end of my night. Even Mama had to go to bed after that.

In the morning, OMG the morning, I attended my first ever SECC end of run meeting, as a representative of ONYX and then got to speak for the club at the breakfast. Oh, did I mention there was more alcohol to be had by all. This was after only one cup of coffee and only 6hrs of sleep, I think.

I want to thank Mama, for welcoming me into the family, Dakota, Kim, Dana, Hooker, Warren,Alan, Bruce, Nitro and all the rest for making my weekend one of the best ever.

Now, I'm hyped to head off to some more conference weekends ASAP.