Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Things Have Changed

Well, its now almost the end of October and life has done some serious changing. As all of you know, at the insistance of my brother's lady and my own desire, I moved to Atlanta, which I absolutely love. Well, since that time many things have changed. I thought I would be doing the whole the gay guy thing, but it turned out that was not the case-ended up with a lady and domanatrix, at that. Yeah, that's what I said. The bdsm community, is something I have wanted to get into most of my life, I just never got to meet any African American folk that were involved in th escene. That is, until I moved here. Now, I'm meeting all types of folks and some of my friends are expressing their own latent desires and fantasies to be in the community, as well. I met my Goddess at Black Gay Pride in September and other then when we first met, we have been in relationship. It was an instant connection and she is training me well and I am enjoying every bit of it.
Now, I know some folks just don't and won't understand, however, none of you are doing anthing to help me or support me, so I really could care less. Besides, I am enjoying myself and not hurting any of you, so we should be fine.
Other more disappointing things have happened like me and my brother's lady are no longer speaking, which I honestly don't know why and really don't even want to visit it, at this point. It just is what it is.
I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy their lives and to keep your nose out of other peoples'.