Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Ok, so its 3 days before Christmas and 4 days before the beginning of Kwanzaa and I have no idea what I am doing for the holidays. Normally, this would make me very depressed, however, this year I am okay with it all. The thing that I think is funny is that we always assume everyone else has plans for the holidays. No one ever bothers to ask what other people are doing. By asking, we may prevent someone from spending the holiday season alone.

My Goddess is suppose to be going away for the holidays, however, she managed to catch what looks like the flu, so that may not be happening. Also, because she is sick, she hasn't been able to work and she is self employed. This has put a damper on things as well. I'm not very financially fluid, at this moment, so things aren't going like they should. However, it seems to be a recurring theme for me, this time of the year. Throughout the year I am fine, but when October, November and December role around, finances always get tight. Now admittingly, this has to do with the fact that I always seem to move in September and because I collect Disability and each state has their own Medicaid system, I have to reapply and wait for everything to go through. That means I am $96 short every month until they fix everything. This year, Atlanta seems to be taking extra long with the process.

My cousin, that lives in North Carolina offered to get me to him and then they were going home, but who likes to go home with no money. Honestly, if My Goddess goes away, I will go back to my place and watch sports on tv all day.

I'm trying to get into celebrating Kwanzaa more then Christmas, anyways. I'm warn out by this Christmas commercialism and the whole so called meaning of Christmas. No one really knows the meaning of Christmas. Christians have no idea that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus per say, but with a man named St. Nicholas, who wanted to give poor people money without them knowing about. He would climb on their roofs and put money down their chimneys so they would wake up to in the morning. Many Christians still don't realize or refuse to accept that Jesus was born in the spring, probably round Easter. Tell me how would you feel if your birthday was celebrated way before or after it was over? Exactly! Personally, I know I would very upset if people missed my birthday.
This why I never understand it. Jesus is suppose to be so important and yet we celebrate his birthday incorrectly and at the wrong time. We don't do that for any other person we honor. Not MLK, George Washington, Lincoln, no one, except Jesus.
This tells me that we are really doing the Santa thing more so then the Jesus thing and yet you can't get away from the 'Christmas Message' about the Christ and how he came to be, which by the way is misinterpreted, but that is a whole nother blog all together.

When was the last anyone bothered to investigate what all the stuff that we use to celebrate the season even means. I'm sure it hasn't happened in a minute, at lest it hasn't been discussed widely.

Well, I hope each of you will take some time to learn what Christmas really means and I'm not talking about the many religious points of view.

In the mean time, enjoy the season and I look forward to everyone learning and accepting the real reason.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Best Christamas Present

i know it has been a while since i have written anything and for that i truly apologize. however, i do not plan on keeping you that long on this particular blog and i'm planning on being more frequent with my work.

i just put up my website-www.thejoshuatransgeneration.webs.com. it is emphasis my ministry within the transgender community, but it is also to highlight the everyday lives of our community in areas that are seldom discussed. i believe the reason God has afforded me the opportunity to be involved in a variety of communities is to expand my own acceptance level and to help others do the same. so, we will do that here and on the website.

now, on the subject of my Christmas present. as those of you who have been reading my blogs may know, i have been in a D/s(Dominant/submissive) relationship for about 3 months. while W/we started off real well, W/we hit a bump in the road that i thought would end U/us for sure. however, with prayer and love W/we have managed to recover quite nicely. i am very happy for this because my Goddess means a lot to me as both my Dominant and my lady.

the love W/we are both expressing now is above and beyond everything i expected. i am so glad W/we let go of the physical and allowed our spiritual to work things out, so we could enjoy our physical selves to flourish(believe me that makes sense; just give it a minute...LOL).

Check out the Domme of my dreams below in my pics.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Things Have Changed

Well, its now almost the end of October and life has done some serious changing. As all of you know, at the insistance of my brother's lady and my own desire, I moved to Atlanta, which I absolutely love. Well, since that time many things have changed. I thought I would be doing the whole the gay guy thing, but it turned out that was not the case-ended up with a lady and domanatrix, at that. Yeah, that's what I said. The bdsm community, is something I have wanted to get into most of my life, I just never got to meet any African American folk that were involved in th escene. That is, until I moved here. Now, I'm meeting all types of folks and some of my friends are expressing their own latent desires and fantasies to be in the community, as well. I met my Goddess at Black Gay Pride in September and other then when we first met, we have been in relationship. It was an instant connection and she is training me well and I am enjoying every bit of it.
Now, I know some folks just don't and won't understand, however, none of you are doing anthing to help me or support me, so I really could care less. Besides, I am enjoying myself and not hurting any of you, so we should be fine.
Other more disappointing things have happened like me and my brother's lady are no longer speaking, which I honestly don't know why and really don't even want to visit it, at this point. It just is what it is.
I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy their lives and to keep your nose out of other peoples'.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atlanta-What an Experience

Well, let me tell you, there was some drama trying to get here, but God worked out. About 4 days before I was suppose to get here, the guy that promised to bring me backed out. I was just in shock when texted me, not call, but texted me and started making excuses. I had to just come out and ask him if he was having second thoughts because he wouldn't say anything. Finally, he he said he didn't want to go and that he should have said no from the beginning. My thought was like, 'yeah, you should have'. I just let go and told him to have a great life. Sometimes people can be real shady, but the key is to not allow it to bother you. Anyway, my 'lil brother' and his wife, along with 2 other friends, came up in their car and I had to rent a uhaul for us to go back. However, I was here to celebrate the 4th of July with them, which was important to me.
The best part is that I am finally where I have always wanted to be and that I got to meet the woman I have wanted to meet for so long-Bishop Yvette Flunder. Bishop Flunder is the presiding bishop, of the movement known as The Fellowship. Its a movement made of of over 90 churches and ministries, throughout the world. All the ministries are ones that truly understand that God's love is for ALL people. The church conference was July 8-12 and we had a fabulous time. On Saturday night there was a concert at a local church and at the end Bishop Flunder asked all the transgender people, in the audience, to come up to the front of the church. There she prophicised into our lives. she also spoke on the things we have gone through all our lives. I knew she was speaking to me when she started talking about hearing God since we were 5, 6, 7 yrs old. She kept looking in my direction and i thought she was looking at my big brother Louis because they know each other, but come to find out she was looking at me. As my head was down and I was crying, she called for me. They pushed me to th efront. Bishop Flunder looked me in the eyes aand through my soul and asked if I was ready for my breakthrough. All I could do was shake my head yes. She told them to take my glasses, which me made me very nervous. Bishop placed her hands on my head and I fello out. Now, i have always seen this on tv and a few times in person, but never thought it was real. I can tell you, for this person, it was real. I admittingly tried to fight it, but I could feel the something running through me and it took me off my feet. I could hear her continue to speak about going out to the clubs, bars and street corners(something I have always wanted to do, but couldn't get the support) to get the transgender people and show them that God loves them. After service she held me and told me to stop being afraid of succeeding. The day after, when the final service was over, as held me and told me there is nothing strange about how I think and the things I want to do. She said those who don't understand are the one's with the problem.
With this fantastic start, I can't wait to see what else Atlanta has in store for me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Path Less Taken

My path hasn't been easy for me. I was born unexpectedly( my mom had several miscarriages before I came along). My mom was also 41 when she had me. God, it seems, has been in me stong since birth. I overcame many obstacles and have been gifted with many things. I am a only child, not spoiled, I guarantee that(South American folk don't believe in spoiling there kids...lol). As a young child, I knew I was different in many ways. For one I could see things before they happened. I could see people that others couldn't and to top it off I knew I was born to be another gender then the one that was assigned to me at birth.
As a young person, I used these differences to fill up my sometime boring life. I was able to sit and have full conversations with my 'imaginery' friends and through that, in middle school came up with great plays and commercial work for my creative communication class(passed with a A+...LOL).
However, it also drove me a little crazy because at the time I had a feeling it ran in my family, but my grandmother had passed and no one else would talk about it, except the one time a long time passed family member came to me and my mom told me to tell her I couldn't go with her.
In my early adult years, these gifts led to drinking and drugging because I didn't know how to control them. I thought they would just go away if I didn't focus on them and if I stayed drunk enough. It didn't help one bit. I was just a drunk who could see stuff and no one would heed my warnings because they thought I was out of it.
It took time, but I finally realized that these gifts were a blessing, but still I need to learn how to see, analyse and hold on to things I see and how to properly communicate with those I can talk to. Honestly, it is living people who give me more trouble.
Luckily, without realizing, I have found someone who can help me and for that I am grateful.
The last few days have been filled with drama, but gratefully, I have people who are there to help me through and to remind me who I am and what my purpose in life is. To those individuals- my Angels, I am most thankful.
I don't know if this blog makes any sense to folks who read it, but its a reminder for me of wher I come from, where I'm at and where I'm going.
God Bless.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Will, Not Mine, Be Done

For many years, I never understood why God would call me to service, in ITS name and there are still days that I don't understand(that's my issue). As I study, I understand that God calls those others would never suspect. Its not that those who haven't experienced anything aren't anymore important, I think its just that God wants to show how God can effect peoples' lives, threw those who are considered being furthest from God's glory. So God picks the uneducated, the unpopular, the homeless, the homosexual, the racist, the freak, the tax collector, the fisherman and the carpenter's son. All the people that no one pays any attention to. These are the people that God uses to spread the word of unconditional love and acceptance. For you see, we are all God's creation and God has created us to be who we are at this time and in this place.
We say we have faith in and believe in God's love. Until someone we don't approve of has been 'touched' by God. Then our faith and love all of sudden disappears. We all of a sudden forget it is God's call and not our own, as to who is to serve and when.
The best way to remember this is to remember the night Jesus was talking with God and asking that the cup he was brought fulfill be taking from him. Jesus ends his plea with the words, 'but your will, not mine, be done'.

Its Time

At the forceful suggestion of my sister-in-law...lol, I'm starting this blog. Actually, I have wanted to start one for quite some time. I just didn't know if I would stick with it or not. I guess time will tell. I do have alot to talk about, because there are always things on my mind. That alone, could should me keep going for awhile.
Right now I'm living in Charlotte, NC, but I'm getting ready to move to Atlanta in a couple of weeks. I've always wanted to live in Atlanta, like since I was a kid. There have been two other major opportunities, but I never took advantage of them. However, this time God has blessed me with folks, in my life, that won't allow me to miss out on this opportunity and for that I am grateful. So, I'm starting to pack my stuff up, which I really hate doing. I don't have alot of stuff, but it paralyzes me when I think about how to pack everything. Its kind of funny because there is much more to really pack, but I'm sitting here going, 'where am I going to put the rest of this stuff'? It amazes me everytime. It's not my first move, however, it will be my last. I just finished having that conversation with my Bishop this morning. Oh, did I mention I'm a Priest in a monastic order. It's a modern day version of the ancient orders, however, we are amongest the world, so no celibacy(thank goodness...lol). Anyhoo, we were talking about me moving around alot. He thinks it is time for me to stay planted and I agree. I'm not getting any younger(No Benjamin Button here). I'm originally from NYC-born and raised. Atlanta is the southern NYC, so that is cool with me. All of NYC with the warm weather. When I get there, I'll be staying with my lil bro, his wife and kid. They are gonna help me find a spot to lay my head. I'm hoping that doesn't take too long, cause I don't like to overdo my stay. Besides, I have things that need to get done. I'm a also a member of a ball house and I'm in charge of re-building the chapter down there.
What is a ball house? WOW! Well, its a group of mostly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks, who compete against one another for cash and trophies. the ball scene has been around since the 50's. It basically came out of the desire for gay people of color to find a venue where they could be respected and show their creativity. So, how do I fit in your asking? Well, I am a transgender person, specifically a female to male transgender person and that is all I'm saying, on that, for now(that will be another blog, I'm sure).
Ok, so this all I'm gonna write for now. I have to go get something to eat and then stare at my room a lil more...LOL.
Peace out