Monday, June 15, 2009

Its Time

At the forceful suggestion of my, I'm starting this blog. Actually, I have wanted to start one for quite some time. I just didn't know if I would stick with it or not. I guess time will tell. I do have alot to talk about, because there are always things on my mind. That alone, could should me keep going for awhile.
Right now I'm living in Charlotte, NC, but I'm getting ready to move to Atlanta in a couple of weeks. I've always wanted to live in Atlanta, like since I was a kid. There have been two other major opportunities, but I never took advantage of them. However, this time God has blessed me with folks, in my life, that won't allow me to miss out on this opportunity and for that I am grateful. So, I'm starting to pack my stuff up, which I really hate doing. I don't have alot of stuff, but it paralyzes me when I think about how to pack everything. Its kind of funny because there is much more to really pack, but I'm sitting here going, 'where am I going to put the rest of this stuff'? It amazes me everytime. It's not my first move, however, it will be my last. I just finished having that conversation with my Bishop this morning. Oh, did I mention I'm a Priest in a monastic order. It's a modern day version of the ancient orders, however, we are amongest the world, so no celibacy(thank Anyhoo, we were talking about me moving around alot. He thinks it is time for me to stay planted and I agree. I'm not getting any younger(No Benjamin Button here). I'm originally from NYC-born and raised. Atlanta is the southern NYC, so that is cool with me. All of NYC with the warm weather. When I get there, I'll be staying with my lil bro, his wife and kid. They are gonna help me find a spot to lay my head. I'm hoping that doesn't take too long, cause I don't like to overdo my stay. Besides, I have things that need to get done. I'm a also a member of a ball house and I'm in charge of re-building the chapter down there.
What is a ball house? WOW! Well, its a group of mostly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks, who compete against one another for cash and trophies. the ball scene has been around since the 50's. It basically came out of the desire for gay people of color to find a venue where they could be respected and show their creativity. So, how do I fit in your asking? Well, I am a transgender person, specifically a female to male transgender person and that is all I'm saying, on that, for now(that will be another blog, I'm sure).
Ok, so this all I'm gonna write for now. I have to go get something to eat and then stare at my room a lil more...LOL.
Peace out

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