Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Will, Not Mine, Be Done

For many years, I never understood why God would call me to service, in ITS name and there are still days that I don't understand(that's my issue). As I study, I understand that God calls those others would never suspect. Its not that those who haven't experienced anything aren't anymore important, I think its just that God wants to show how God can effect peoples' lives, threw those who are considered being furthest from God's glory. So God picks the uneducated, the unpopular, the homeless, the homosexual, the racist, the freak, the tax collector, the fisherman and the carpenter's son. All the people that no one pays any attention to. These are the people that God uses to spread the word of unconditional love and acceptance. For you see, we are all God's creation and God has created us to be who we are at this time and in this place.
We say we have faith in and believe in God's love. Until someone we don't approve of has been 'touched' by God. Then our faith and love all of sudden disappears. We all of a sudden forget it is God's call and not our own, as to who is to serve and when.
The best way to remember this is to remember the night Jesus was talking with God and asking that the cup he was brought fulfill be taking from him. Jesus ends his plea with the words, 'but your will, not mine, be done'.

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