Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Ok, so its 3 days before Christmas and 4 days before the beginning of Kwanzaa and I have no idea what I am doing for the holidays. Normally, this would make me very depressed, however, this year I am okay with it all. The thing that I think is funny is that we always assume everyone else has plans for the holidays. No one ever bothers to ask what other people are doing. By asking, we may prevent someone from spending the holiday season alone.

My Goddess is suppose to be going away for the holidays, however, she managed to catch what looks like the flu, so that may not be happening. Also, because she is sick, she hasn't been able to work and she is self employed. This has put a damper on things as well. I'm not very financially fluid, at this moment, so things aren't going like they should. However, it seems to be a recurring theme for me, this time of the year. Throughout the year I am fine, but when October, November and December role around, finances always get tight. Now admittingly, this has to do with the fact that I always seem to move in September and because I collect Disability and each state has their own Medicaid system, I have to reapply and wait for everything to go through. That means I am $96 short every month until they fix everything. This year, Atlanta seems to be taking extra long with the process.

My cousin, that lives in North Carolina offered to get me to him and then they were going home, but who likes to go home with no money. Honestly, if My Goddess goes away, I will go back to my place and watch sports on tv all day.

I'm trying to get into celebrating Kwanzaa more then Christmas, anyways. I'm warn out by this Christmas commercialism and the whole so called meaning of Christmas. No one really knows the meaning of Christmas. Christians have no idea that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus per say, but with a man named St. Nicholas, who wanted to give poor people money without them knowing about. He would climb on their roofs and put money down their chimneys so they would wake up to in the morning. Many Christians still don't realize or refuse to accept that Jesus was born in the spring, probably round Easter. Tell me how would you feel if your birthday was celebrated way before or after it was over? Exactly! Personally, I know I would very upset if people missed my birthday.
This why I never understand it. Jesus is suppose to be so important and yet we celebrate his birthday incorrectly and at the wrong time. We don't do that for any other person we honor. Not MLK, George Washington, Lincoln, no one, except Jesus.
This tells me that we are really doing the Santa thing more so then the Jesus thing and yet you can't get away from the 'Christmas Message' about the Christ and how he came to be, which by the way is misinterpreted, but that is a whole nother blog all together.

When was the last anyone bothered to investigate what all the stuff that we use to celebrate the season even means. I'm sure it hasn't happened in a minute, at lest it hasn't been discussed widely.

Well, I hope each of you will take some time to learn what Christmas really means and I'm not talking about the many religious points of view.

In the mean time, enjoy the season and I look forward to everyone learning and accepting the real reason.

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