Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Best Christamas Present

i know it has been a while since i have written anything and for that i truly apologize. however, i do not plan on keeping you that long on this particular blog and i'm planning on being more frequent with my work.

i just put up my it is emphasis my ministry within the transgender community, but it is also to highlight the everyday lives of our community in areas that are seldom discussed. i believe the reason God has afforded me the opportunity to be involved in a variety of communities is to expand my own acceptance level and to help others do the same. so, we will do that here and on the website.

now, on the subject of my Christmas present. as those of you who have been reading my blogs may know, i have been in a D/s(Dominant/submissive) relationship for about 3 months. while W/we started off real well, W/we hit a bump in the road that i thought would end U/us for sure. however, with prayer and love W/we have managed to recover quite nicely. i am very happy for this because my Goddess means a lot to me as both my Dominant and my lady.

the love W/we are both expressing now is above and beyond everything i expected. i am so glad W/we let go of the physical and allowed our spiritual to work things out, so we could enjoy our physical selves to flourish(believe me that makes sense; just give it a minute...LOL).

Check out the Domme of my dreams below in my pics.

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