Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pregnant Transmen????

There is now a '2nd' trans man that has decided, for whatever reason, to make their pregnancy public. Some, in the transgender community, are outraged and others have been understanding or at least have thrown out the 'its his body to do with as he wishes' words of support. Some have even gone as far as to get upset because a radio commentator has spoken his feelings on the air. Well, I know we are talking about it, so why shouldn't they?

I have to admit to being torn. On one hand, I'm like it is his body. However, I'm also thinking about our community overall and how much work goes into our very existence every single day. Many of us have worked real hard at gaining respect for our decision to change sex and gender and to educate everyone on what that means. We are still in the throws of fighting for job, housing, marriage and bathroom equality. Now, once again, someone has chosen a bad time to stop up the drain with their own personal agenda, not thinking about how it will effect the community overall.

This is no different then how many people in communities of color respond when someone does something that will inevitably cast a shadow of doubt on us all. You can say what you want, but you know it is the same feeling and its not a good one. A transgender sistah of mine asked me yesterday, 'why can't a man just be a man?' Well, this is another difference between the white community and the POC community.
When we, as people of color, decide to change our gender, for the most part we stick to it pretty damn heavy.

We have stated emphatically that we are MEN just like other men and now we are saying what? That we can have babies anytime we want. So, we are not like other men, i guess. I know my Mistress would say that we aren't because if we were she would not have me in her bed or having sex with me. So, we are different? I know when I 'knew' I was a man, having a baby wasn't anywhere in my plans because I didn't grow up around men getting pregnant, but I guess the world is changing. The question is still what will these changes cost us?

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