Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loss of a Friend

Yesterday we commemorated the life of Martin Luther King Jr, who gave himself in service so others could live a better life. Well on January 14, the transgender community lost a man, Dr. Maxwell Anderson, who also lived a life in service. Maxwell helped so many people transgender and allies, to live a better life. Maxwell was is well known for partaking in Southern comfort, a documentary that focused on Robert Eads a transgender man who died of ovarian cancer. Robert and Maxwell were good friends. Actually Maxwell past almost ten years to the day that Robert did. It is the belief of many that Robert and Maxwell are enjoying each others company, probably throwing back a few beers, looking down on us and cracking up at all the hoopla everyone is going through.

It was indeed to be able to call Maxwell friend and I am sure many are able to that. He was the type of person, who you felt warm and fuzzy with immediately after meeting him. He was always enjoying life and those around him. Maxwell loved deep and hard and it showed in all he did and that was done for him. Tomorrow we will all gather to say our final good byes to Maxwell, trusting and believing that he is and will continue to walk with us in all we do.

The best way to continue Maxwell's legacy is to continue to help one another be the best we can be.

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