Sunday, November 21, 2010

In One Night-Giving Thanks and being Grateful

Last night, I allowed Spirit completely take me over. I hadn't done that in quite some time and frankly, it was way overdue. In doing so, I stopped being a victim. I stopped accusing others for what I had allowed them to do in the first place. In one night, I put my life back on the map and regained my purpose. In one night, I looked carefully at the relationships I have been in and especially at the one I recently finished. I took responsibility for all that I had done to mess them up. In one night, I forgave myself for allowing someone to hurt me, while they helped me. And I forgave them for hurting me, while they helped me. And yes, they did help, in many ways. Ways that could not be appreciated at the time, however, they are thought about frequently.

In one night, I regained my purpose and all that Spirit had shown many years before. I took responsibility for running away from what I have been called to do and who I have called to be. In one night, I re-membered why I was put on the path and found my old foot steps and put my feet back into them. I listened and I heard Spirit explain to me, As was explained years before, that I AM here to give the knowledge that was given to me before I got here. In one night, I regained love of myself and of others. Today, I can honestly say I feel nothing but love for everyone and everything. Today, I trust the love within me, that is Spirit and I know that unconditional love is for everyone, even when it's not expressed in the best way possible.

In one night, I give thanks and I am grateful for EVERYONE that is and has been a part of my life. I thank you for all that each of you have taught and I want you to know, That though it didn't seem like, I was paying attention and I got it.

In Love and Leather,
Boy Jah

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