Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love You Still

A couple of days ago someone told me that I don't respect you. This person knows nothing of the past we share i.e the physical abuse, the unnecessary yelling and screaming and fighting. Then the primal love and love making. Oh, did I mention even though I was the one to leave the home, I felt abandoned when you decided to leave town. Yeah, that is pretty much where the anger came in. With everything we went through, I never ever expected you to leave town. I always thought that no matter what, you would always be within reach. That even if you had another person in your life, we would be able to meet for coffee or lunch. Not that you would be on the other side of the country or in another state.

Recently, you took something I said to you as rejection, when all I was trying to tell you is that my respect and love for you would not allow me to see you in that way, not that I didn't want us to continue. Its not how you saw it and to protect your feelings, you made me feel bad and in turn I did the same to you.

So, though I love and am in love with you without end, I now have to get use to you being out of my life in more ways then one.

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