Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haven't Been Around for a Minute

Yes, I know I have been out of touch again. No excuses from me. I am once again going through soul searching. Re-teaching myself how to be comfortable with ALL of who I AM. I don't quite understand why I take myself through this all the time because nothing ever really changes. At the end I'm still me and ALL of who I AM is still here and still functioning. I keep forgetting that God created me to be who I AM and nothing I do is ever gonna change that. Not to mention, I really like me...LOL. My Daddy put it best when he said, 'Let just plain Joshua shine'. So, I'm gonna do that and allow the chips fall where they may.

We tend to head in the direction of living our lives the way others want us to to and we never even realize when it happens. We start to think like everyone else, act like them, make decisions like them and based on what they have taught us. Even though we see the obvious signs of their unhappiness, we continue to follow in their foot steps, thinking that somehow our lives will be different.

In the end we end up just as unhappy if not more so because there is always something inside of us trying to lead us away from the 'normal' way of doing things, but we are scared. Some people might even tell you it's the 'Devil' trying to confuse you. Actually, it can only be God trying to lead you back to your real self, so that you can once again be the happy and peaceful person God created you to be.

This is where I and so many others need to get ourselves back to; the place of pure joy and happiness. The place where no one but God(no matter what name you give me)is the source of joy and happiness. Be who you are as I AM being who I AM. Don't allow society and its 'norms' deter you from loving who you love and being who you are.

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